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“I have had the opportunity to work with Ethos Fitness and Wellness and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the knowledge of these coaches and the different classes that they have available. These people are true, caring individuals and will help you get to where you want to go! Thank You ETHOS!!”
Sherry Olson
I recently joined a women’s workout group at ETHOS Fitness and I couldn’t be happier. Tyler, the owner, carefully assessed our strengths and weaknesses before creating fun, and dynamic workouts that were custom designed for us individually and our group. Tyler is truly a body nerd that is dedicated to learning all things body & movement. I love that I can trust Tyler to give me advice on how to not only increase my strength but also heal myself from previous injuries and bad habits. Thank you, Tyler!
Kimberly B
I love working out at ETHOS! Tyler is a caring and mindful trainer that is motivated to improve his clients’ quality of life.
Sonja M
Tyler is great to work out with – starts off with the basics and helps you progress at your own level. He focuses on whole body health – highly recommend.
Maria M
Tyler and the folks at ETHOS are not just about producing visual results, they are dedicated to focusing on the whole person. They are more concerned about life-long results in body, mind, and spirit rather than quick and dirty results that so often lead to injury and other issues. I respect Tyler’s approach because it seeks to help each individual meet THEIR goals for their life, and starts with a thorough assessment of where the person is, rather than applying some one-size-fits-all approach.
Scott C
I love working out at ETHOS! I was so out of shape and really needed to start over with my fitness and Tyler has been Excellent as an instructor. I especially love how he listens when I tell him that move hurt or is panful to do. He will modify it for me so I can still work that muscle. I highly recommend this gym.
Jennifer P